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Creating a schedule for Musical Services for your Wedding.

When planning your wedding, one extremely important element is having a coherent schedule for musical services for the evening. The team at Toronto Jazz Collective excels in this category and helps our clients customize a schedule to suit their specific needs. Below is an example of a typical schedule created for our clients which includes our Toronto Wedding Bands and DJ's.

Typical Wedding Schedule for Musical Services:

  • AV team arrives for audio/visual equipment (PA system) set up | 3pm

  • String Quartet performs classical and/or contemporary music for processional (before), during parts of the ceremony (signing of registry, walking down the aisle etc.) and recessional (after) for 1 hour in total | 4-5pm

  • Band arrives for sound check | 5pm-6pm

  • Solo Pianist plays background jazz music during cocktails (1 hour) | 6pm-7pm

  • DJ plays background music as guests enter the main room | 7pm-7:15pm

  • DJ plays music and introduces the bridal party | 7:15pm-7:25pm

  • DJ introduces bride and grooms first dance and plays requested song | 7:25pm

  • Speeches happen throughout the evening during dinner and dessert, band and DJ take

  • breaks during speeches (Usually cued by your MC) 7:30pm-9:30pm

  • DJ plays more background music during dinner | 7:30pm – 8pm

  • Band plays one set during dinner (ballads, lighter jazz, pop etc.) | 8pm -8:50pm

  • DJ plays background music on band break | 8:50pm-9:05pm

  • Band plays 2 dance sets with DJ playing dance music in between 9:05pm – 11pm

  • Band finishes and DJ takes over for the rest of the evening playing a mixture of dance music and requested songs 11pm – 1am

Click on the links to go to our FAQ's page which will provide more information about our Toronto Wedding Bands, Toronto Wedding Musicians and Toronto DJ's.

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