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Finding a Toronto Wedding Band that can truly DO IT ALL!

Live Music for Weddings

There are tons of great toronto wedding bands and toronto wedding musicians that play a wide variety of wedding music repertoire across the GTA but how do you tell them apart and choose the right one that can DO IT ALL for your special day?

What makes a toronto wedding band really stand out from the crowd is when that band can NOT ONLY play all of the standard popular top 40's and dance repertoire but can also dig deeper into authentic jazz, latin, blues, contemporary and instrumental music too. If you want your wedding band to play live jazz and blues music for your wedding cocktail hour and/or dinner (A very popular option) and then kick it up a notch for dancing during your reception then you want a really diverse band who can truly DO IT ALL at a high level.

So how do you know if the wedding band your choosing can "really" DO IT ALL?

1) First things first, check out their repertoire list and make sure it's got the variety you're looking for in terms of mixed styles, songs, bands and artists. For example you should see artist/bands like Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Al Green, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Norah Jones and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

2) Second, make sure the musicians in the band have bachelor degrees in music performance from a great post secondary music school like Humber College or University of Toronto. These musicians will be very diverse as they will have gone through a rigorous audition process (Only a small percentage get accepted) just to get into the school. Then they will have 4 years under their belt of intense music study/practice with some of the best musicians/teachers in Canada, playing in a wide variety of ensembles (Latin, Jazz, Pop, Blues, Funk, African) and should be VERY well versed in many styles of music.

3) Ask to see a live video from a wedding or event they recently played. Make sure it's unedited and not overdubbed in a studio or auto tuned.

4) Speak to the bandleader or manager and make sure they know lots about the different styles of music (Especially that you're interested in) and can easily provide popular wedding song recommendations for cocktail hour, dinner, dancing etc.

So, if you're looking for a wedding band that can truly DO IT ALL then make sure you do your homework before booking them!

We hope these tips were helpful. If you're looking for more info on this topic or need some advice on choosing a toronto wedding band then please feel free to get in touch with us (Contact) and we'd be happy to chat and help you out.

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