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Saxophone Giant Chris Potters New Album "Imaginary Cities."

If you are a jazz music fan then you must check out Chris Potters new album "Imaginary Cities." It has a similar rhythm section to his old album "Underground" but now has two bass players (instead of none) and has beautiful string arrangements. The colors, textures and atmosphere created on this album are one of a kind.

Chris Potter is a monster saxophonist who has toured the world playing with musicians like Dave Holland, Nate Smith, Kevin Eubanks and many more. Potter has a truly unique sound. When he visited Humber College as artist in residence in Toronto in 2009 he put on clinics and played with two incredible Toronto Jazz Ensembles. One of the ensembles had Toronto Jazz Collectives owner/President Josh Lane playing drums. It was a once in a lifetime experience for him that he will truly never forget.

Here's a link to his original underground album on Amazon:

Check out the EPK for Chris Potters new album below!

Click on the link to check out live videos of our amazing Toronto Jazz Bands.

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