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Looking for a Live Wedding Band or Wedding DJ? How about both?

Are you finding it difficult deciding on whether or not to have a wedding band or wedding DJ? How about having the best of both worlds? Having a wedding band and DJ can provide you with the most diversity in regards to music entertainment for your wedding. Coordinating between the two services can be a daunting task but it can be made easy by hiring a band and DJ provided by one music entertainment company. Toronto Jazz Collective provides both GTA Wedding Bands and GTA DJ Services and highly recommends having the two services working together for your special day.

Top quality Wedding Bands create a stunning and highly entertaining audio/visual experience for your guests but they need to take breaks and cannot play for an entire evening. This is where the Band and DJ combination really shows its value. A DJ can takeover on band breaks and create a seamless flow of music from one source of entertainment to another. The DJ can also take a large amount of song requests that bands either wouldn't necessarily be able to play and/or would usually charge extra for. DJ's can also take live song requests on the spot when you or your guests have something specific in mind. This service helps enhance the musical experience and keeps your guests satisfied. We know that weddings can go very late into the evening and a DJ can provide a large variety of dance music with ease once the band finishes and begins to pack up their equipment. This keeps the excitement high and your guests on the dance floor.

So when deciding on a Wedding Band or DJ for your special day, don't shoot down the idea of having both fabulous services working together under one roof. We promise you won't regret it.

Click on these links to find out more about our Toronto Wedding Bands and Toronto Wedding DJ's.

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