What's the typical instrumentation for Toronto Wedding Bands?


Toronto Wedding Bands vary in size depending on the event, budget and of course the clients preference. Small Wedding Bands include a rhythm section (Keyboards, Guitar, Bass & Drums) and a lead vocalist. Large Wedding Bands give you the choice of adding on horns, singers and percussion.


Our typical wedding band is a 7 piece ensemble which includes female lead vocals, trumpet, saxophone, keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. This is the perfect size wedding band to re-create the sound of your favourite records and live performances.


If you'd like to take things up a notch then you can add on an extra lead vocalist and percussionist to make the Wedding Band a 9 piece ensemble. This will bring out even more live energy and is recommended for larger weddings with 300 + guests.


To find out more about our GTA Wedding Bands we recommend visiting our Wedding Bands Page and/or contact us directly.