Looking for live music entertainment for your GTA wedding can seem like a daunting task. Their are literally hundreds of wedding musicians, bands, DJ's and MC's in Toronto. The question is, how does one sift through these entertainers and go about finding the right one for their special day? 

Most newly engaged couples that are seeking music entertainment for their GTA wedding are looking for music for their ceremony,...

When looking for live music for your wedding, one question that may come up is what size band you want and what the instrumentation should be. Wedding Bands in Toronto come in many different sizes and some also offer different options for instrumentation depending on the size of your wedding, musical selections, budget and other personal preferences.

We will provide you with the basics as to what you need to know...

March 24, 2015

If you are a jazz music fan then you must check out Chris Potters new album "Imaginary Cities." It has a similar rhythm section to his old album "Underground" but now has two bass players (instead of none) and has beautiful string arrangements. The colors, textures and atmosphere created on this album are one of a kind.


Chris Potter is a monster saxophonist who has toured the world playing with musicians like Da...

Choosing a venue for a wedding or event in Toronto can be a daunting task. Their are many factors that come into play.

Some of these factors include:

- Whether the hall can hold all of your guests comfortably

- What in-house services the venue offers (Audio/Visual team, Catering, Decorations etc.) 

- Price of venue and deposit needed to book

- Dates available (Some venues require booking up to 3 years in advanced!)

- Wheth...

Wedding Band VS Wedding DJ. Combining the best of both worlds.

Creating a proper wedding music schedule to fit with your itinerary is an important piece of wedding planning that is often missed!

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